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“Liberty Park” by Txema Torres was released in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)The short film Liberty Park, directed by Txema Torres and produced by Cicely Films, was released last Sunday 18th March in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Last Sunday 18th March was the day when the fiction short film Liberty Park, directed by Txema Torres, was finally released. The première took place at the Zumzeig Cinema, a cinema located in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). The session began at 12:00 hours (UTC+1 CET) on Sunday 18th.

The event, which was conduced by producer Aitor Martos, consists in screening the short Liberty Park twice. The audience crowded both sessions and spectators enjoyed the first public release of this fiction short film.

Several members of the crew and two of the leading actors, actress Judit Farrés and actor Francesc Cuélla, attended the première of this short in Barcelona.

The short Liberty Park by Txema Torres has just started its worldwide film festival tour under the guidance of [ The House of Films ].

Liberty Park, directed and written by Txema Torres and produced by Cicely Films, was filmed last autumn in Los Monegros, an area consisting of badlands and located in the Autonomous Community of Aragón, in northern Spain. The short earned the support of the ICAA (Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, Spanish film body created by the Government of Spain) and of the ICEC (Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, an governmental body established by the Generalitat of Catalonia —Catalan self-govern).

The short, running 15 minutes long, tells the story of Libertad (Liberty, in Spanish) and her two male sons, Pepín and Paquito, concerning the family business in decline.

The leading characters in the story Liberty Park are played by Judit Farrés, Carlos Serrano-Clark, and Francesc Cuéllar.

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