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[ The House of Films ] promotes short films and documentaries at film festivals[ The House of Films ] has a brief but intense history. Founded in 2009, [ The House of Films ] emerges from previous business experiences of its founders.

The founding members of [ The House of Films ] met in 2004 while they are studying filmmaking. They met while filming and soon they noticed that they can join forces to distribute and produce short films.

In 2005 they participated in the founding of Asociación Cinematográfica Interior Noche (Interior Night Filming Association). Interior Noche was established by several film school fellows to promote and distribute at festivals those short film they had shot as students.

Flying Brains Producciones ("Flying Brains Productions") was the next obvious step beyond Interior Noche. In 2007, when five of the founders of Interior Noche established Flying Brains Producciones, they sought to become that association in a commercial company. The aim of the new partnership was to extend services and distribution activities from only a few to whole film community.

In 2009, Flying Brains Producciones was split in two different companies: Flying Brains Producciones will continue as a production company while [ The House of Films ] emerges as a company mainly dedicated to distribution. Those distribution activities that we do in Flying Brains Producciones will continue and will be improved in [ The House of Films ].

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