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Show us your film!Have you shot a short film, a documentary or a full-length films and you want to promote it at film festivals? Send us a copy of your work!

[ The House of Films ] promotes films at film festivals: short films, documentaries, independent full-length films, etc.

If you want that we promote your work at film festivals, just send us a copy via Internet.

Once we have received your work and we have considered it, we will contact you to decide the proper distribution solution for your work. Please, notice that this process could take us some time.

  • You can send a (http or ftp) web link to your film.
  • If you cannot access to any web server or host, you can choose any free file upload-download service such as WeTransfer, MediaFire, Dropbox, and similar. You can also use Vimeo and protect your film with a password.
  • If access is restricted to your work, please send us a user name and password to log in.
Please, to send your work via Internet, use the following form:
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