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“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge YúdiceFilmmaker Jorge Yúdice trust in our services again and his latest short film, titled Rip Pole, is going to be promoted in film festivals around the world by [ The House of Films ].

Rip Pole is the title of the latest production directed by Jorge Yúdice. Besides of having directed this fiction short film, the screenplay has also been written by Jorge Yúdice itself.

Initially, this short was produced to take part in the Notodofilmfest (Spain), a popular online film festival among Spanish short-filmmakers in the recent years. Rip Pole by Jorge Yúdice came to be one of the finalist of the fifteenth edition of the Notodofilmfest. Now, with the support of [ The House of Films ], and after the successful film festival distribution of his previous short film Bus Story, the short Rip Pole by Jorge Yúdice will go to festival around the globe.


The ultimate tool to be the master of every single like. Rip Pole is the app you were waiting for.

“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge Yúdice

The story of Rip Pole by Jorge Yúdice deals with the obsession about likes, posts, social networks that dominates our lives. Becoming the first one, the most original one when sharing an article, a meme, the hottest viral trifle, disturbs us, upset us. It seems that our success as human beings is measured in the number of "like"", "retweet", and similar social network gadgets. And in order to earn more likes than anyone it seems that it is essential to be the first one, the fastest one to press the share button. Of course, considering if what we share is relevant, or ethic, or even interesting is not required.

Rip Pole is the name of the newest app that assures us that we will be the first ones sharing a post, the ones that most likes will get.

Filmmaker Jorge Yúdice

The screenwriter and filmmaker Jorge Yúdice studied in the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya —roughly, Catalonia Film and Audiovisual School) of Barcelona. There, he received training in film direction. He has directed the short films Simetría, winner of several festivals, and Bus Story, which has taken part in over 100 international film festivals together with [ The House of Films ].

As screenwriter, Jorge Yúdice has won several awards. The screenplay of the short film Adivina quien viene a comer esta tarde won the XVIII Certamen Internacional de Guiones Cinematográficos de Cortometrajes de la Universidad de La Laguna in 2013. In 2015 he won the Premio Florián Rey al Mejor Guión de Cortometraje (Best Short Film Screenplay "Florián Rey" Award) with Más allá de mí. More recently, in 2017, the feature film script Cómo cazar a un gnomo became finalist in the Spanish well-known Julio Alejandro Award, a contest held by SGAE —main collecting society in Spain.

You may follow Jorge Yúdice in his webpage: jorgeyudice.com

“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge Yúdice“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge Yúdice
“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge Yúdice“Rip Pole”, a short film by Jorge Yúdice


Voice-over: José Francisco Sánchez

Cast: Josep Pastor, Marina Portero, Úrsula Tenorio, Paula Orteu, Agus Eñeso, Mariona Carrasco, Ignacio Sanz, Ángel Ramos, Miriam Rodríguez, Guillermo A. Chaia, Mónica García, Zebina Guerra, Albert Manich, Jorge Yúdice.

Crew & Technical Specs

Direction and Screenplay: Jorge Yúdice

Production: Santi Molina Nieto

Music and Sound Design: Truffle

Assistant Director: Zebina Guerra

Camera / DOP: Santi Molina

Assistant Camera / Gaffer: Albert Manich

Editing: Santi Molina

Runtime: 1 minute

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