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“Bus Story” by Jorge Yúdice is currently competing in the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage (Selb, Bavaria, Germany)The short film Bus Story, directed by filmmaker Jorge Yúdice, is currently taking part in the festival Grenzland-Filmtage. This film competition is annually held in Selb (Bavaria, Germany).

Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice is still given us great news in the international film festival circuit. This successful short film is participating in the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage (Selb, Bavaria, Germany) since last Thursday 5th April.

Naturally, Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice is part of the short film selection (Kurzfilme) of this German festival. This section of the Official Competition consists of 32 international short films coming from Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, France, Ukraine, Israel, Albania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, etc. In fact, Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice is the only Spanish short film competing in the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage.

The organizers of this festival have scheduled two screening for the short Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice. The first of these two screenings was carried out yesterday, Friday 6th April, at 20:00 hours (UTC+2 CEST) at the Kino Center of Selb, main venue of this festival.“Bus Story” by Jorge Yúdice is currently competing in the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage (Selb, Bavaria, Germany)

The second screening of Bus Story will be held just today, Saturday 7th April. This session will commence at 21:30 hours (UTC+2 CEST). The short is going to be shown at the Kino Center too.

The 32 short films competing in the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage de Selb are:

  • Big Boom by Marat Narimanov (Russia),
  • Kind by Viktor Stickel, Iring Freytag & Linus Stetter (Germany),
  • Das bärtierchen by Karin Welther (Germany),
  • Niggun by Yoni Salmon (Israel),
  • Perfect World - Reality by Hristina Belousova,
  • Second to None by Vincent Gallagher (Ireland),
  • Sog by Jonatan Schwenk (Germany),
  • The Ritual of a City by Bertrand Shijaku (Albania),
  • Twin Islands by Manon Sailly (France),
  • Ugly Fairy Tale by Radostina Neykova (Bulgaria),
  • Cautionary Tales by Christopher Barrett & Luke Taylor (United Kingdom),
  • Cold Storage by Thomas Freundlich (Finland),
  • Los Paul by Felix Carolus (Germany),
  • Passenger by Maxim Ivanov (Russia),
  • Der wolf by Benjamin Thum (Italy),
  • Gridlock by Ian Hunt Duffy (Ireland),
  • Game Over by Marie Neheimer (Germany),
  • Cubeman by Linda Dombrovszky (Hungary),
  • Leere by Oleksandra Parakhina (Ukraine),
  • Seen by Nadia Shmeleva (Russia / Ukraine),
  • Superprize by Konstantin Chelidze (Russia),
  • The Inner Side by Dániel Reich (Hungary),
  • When It Was Snowing by Roman Pozhidaev (Russia),
  • Wolka by Radek Dąbrowski (Poland),
  • Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks (Germany),
  • Brainstorm (Remue-méninges) by Christophe Clin (Belgium),
  • Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice(Spain),
  • Die couch by Joe Paul Kienast (Germany),
  • Jamais vu by Tony Leyva Puig (Germany),
  • MMF by Leonard Garner (Germany),
  • Nicole's Cage by Josef Brandl (Germany), and
  • Pix by Sophie Linnenbaum (Germany).

The festival Grenzland-Filmtage of the current year 2018 is closing tomorrow, Sunday 8th April.

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