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“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero is going to compete at the 25. Europejski Festiwal Filmowy Euroshorts 2016 (Gdańsk, Pomerania, Poland)The short film Ashen (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero has also been selected by a Polish film festival. The Europejski Festiwal Filmowy Euroshorts, which is reaching its twenty-fifth edition, will count on the participation of this short film.

The 25. Europejski Festiwal Filmowy Euroshorts 2016 (Gdańsk, Pomerania, Poland) is opening today, Monday 28th November, and will end its twenty-fifth edition coming 4th December. During these seven days of festival, the audience of Gdańsk can enjoy the presence of the short film Ashen (Cenizo), directed by Jon Mikel Caballero, at this notable European festival.

They must wait just a few days before to see Ashen. The short is going to be exhibited coming Thursday 1st December. Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero can be watched from 17:30 hours at the Sala Mieszczańska of the Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury.

Ashen is one of the short films nominated in the category called "Filmy fabularne" (literally, "Fiction Films"). The nominees of this "Filmy fabularne" competition are 36 in total. They have come from Spain (6), France (5), Poland (5), Germany (2), Bulgaria (2), Estonia (2), United Kingdom (2), Russia (2), Sweden (2), USA (2 including one co-production), India (1), Japan (1), Kazakhstan (1), Macedonia (1), Peru (1), Taiwan (1), and Iran (one co-production).“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero is going to compete at the 25. Europejski Festiwal Filmowy Euroshorts 2016 (Gdańsk, Pomerania, Poland)

The fiction titles in this competition are: 112 by Wenceslao Scyzoryk (Spain), Adila by Rubén Llama & Alejandro Manzano (Spain), All These Voices by David Henry Gerson (USA), Ameryka by Aleksandra Terpińska (Poland), Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero (Spain), Champion by Måns Berthas (Sweden), Ciepło-zimno by Marta Prus (Poland), Down from heaven by Sasha Stanishik (Macedonia), Dream Job by Svetlana Sigalaeva (Russia), En asfaltsblommas bekännelse by Ewa Gerström (Sweden), Für Elise by Albert Ventura (Taiwan), Gorilla by Tibo Pinsard (France), Great News by Kuba Gryżewski (Poland), Hunger by Grzegorz Paprzycki (Poland), Ihesa by Alejandro Díaz Castaño (Spain), La última función by Roberto Flores (Peru), Lass es einfach by Brock Labrenz (Germany), Les Grand Ensembles by Romain Rampillon (France), Liblikmees by Edina Csüllög (Estonia), Mohamed, Le prenom by Malika Zairi (France), Nice Job by Tigran Sahakyan & Yuranau Yauheni (Russia), Parque by Mateo Garlo (Spain), Rust by Brady Hood (United Kingdom), Samira by Charlotte A Rolfes (Germany), Stereotype by Jordan McGibney (United Kingdom), Süüdlane by Indrek Kaine (Estonia), The House by Yana Titova (Bulgaria), The Republic of Enchanters by Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh (France), The Salt Man by Seyed Sajad Moosavi (USA / Iran), To musi być rytuał by Robin Lipo (Poland), Too Late by Shivek Gupta (India), Un malentendu by Louis Roux (France), Zero by David Victori (Spain), Бойжеткен by Abdel Fiftybyaev (Kazakhstan), Падаща звезда by Lyubo Yonchev (Bulgaria), and 石鹸 by Anshul Chauhan (Japan).

The 25. Europejski Festiwal Filmowy Euroshorts 2016 has selected 112 films, divided into the "Filmy fabularne" —Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero is contesting in this section—, the "Filmy animowane" ("Animation Films"), the "Filmy dokumentalne" ("Documentary Films"), and the "Filmy eksperymentalne" ("Experimental Films"). These 112 candidates, coming from 33 countries, have been chosen among 3,242 submissions.

This year's festival will finish, as we have pointed out above, on Sunday 4th December. The winning short films will be exhibited then.

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