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“Fuero” by Juanma Juárez was competing at the Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival (Spain)The short film Fuero, directed by Juanma Juárez, was recently competing at the 0 edition of the Fuencaliente Rural Film Fest (Spain).

From 8th to 11th August, the 0 edition of the Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival in the village of Fuencaliente (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). The latest short film by Juanma Juárez, Fuero, was competing during this first edition of the Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival.

Despite being the initial edition of this new film festival, the Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival had a selection of Spanish and international short films. In fact, the Official Competition consisted of 40 films, comprising fiction short films, animation short films, and documentaries.

The whole list of selected works is as follows: Origami by David Pavón (Spain), Lo último que hago para el notodo by Estíbaliz Burgaleta (Spain), Pequeño by Eduardo González (Spain), La ciudad de Gao Feng by Oriol Martínez Domínguez (Spain), Therion by Mario García & Pepe Botías (Spain),“Fuero” by Juanma Juárez was competing at the Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival (Spain)¡Bingo! by David Turpín & Franz Nurmi (Spain), Dársena by Jose Cabrera Betancort (Spain), Si j'avais une vache by Norma Nebot (Spain), Camping Wesertal by Hugo Amoedo (Belgium), Vinterlys by Skule Eriksen (Noruega), Decapoda Shock by Javier Chillón (Spain), Posturas by Álvaro Oliva (Spain), Fp by Michela Carmazzi (Italy), Nacimiento by Xavi Manzanet Nebot (Spain), Love Wars by Vicente Bonet (Spain), Second Wind by Sergey Tsyss (Russia), El castigo by Nelson Fernandes (Portugal), Godka Cirka - Un agujero at the cielo by Lora Joyeux & Alex Fred (Spain / France), La estrategia de Madame Bretu by Zoraida Roselló (Spain), El pez by José Manuel Herraiz (Spain), Intercambios by Nacho Solana (Spain), El increíble trueno escarlata by David Macián (Spain), El rastrillo se quiere comprometer by Santi Veiga (Spain), El ruido del mundo by Coke Rioboo (Spain), Jaime el barbudo by Arly Jones & Sami Natsheh (Spain), Linear by Amir Admoni (Brazil), Mr. Bear by Andres Rosende (Spain), Simetría by Jorge Yúdice & Pol Sannicolás (Spain), Sinceridad by Andrea Casaseca (Spain), Fuero by Juanma Juárez (Spain), Concejo abierto by Carmen Comadrán (Spain), Nuestra arma es nuestra by Cristian Cartier Ballve (Spain), Fuencaliente, la montería tradicional by Enrique Coto (Spain), Voice Over by Martin Rosete (Spain), Beerbug by Ander Mendia (Spain), Monsters do not exist by Paul Urkijo (Spain), Coptos by Álvaro Sau (Spain), La casa del lago by Salder Gaztelu-Urrutia (Spain), and Misterio by Chema García Ibarra (Spain).

Regarding Fuero, the short film by Juanma Juárez was shown on Friday 9th August, from 22:30 horas, at the Plaza del Mirador of Fuencaliente.

Eventually, the "Ciervo Rupestre" Award in the Ecofilms category (for shorts about ecology) went to Nacimiento by Sergi González while Second Wind by Sergey Tsyss won the "Ciervo Rupreste" Award in the FuenFicción category (for fiction shorts). The short El pez by José Manuel Herráiz was the winner of the "Cucón" Award. The Concurso Movilmetrajes "No Tienes Abuela, o sí!" (shorts filmed on mobiles) gave an award to the short film Naturaleza viva by Julio García Moreno. Finally, Francisco Fernández won an honour award, the Premio Homenaje FRFF 2013, because of a life devoted to show films at the Cine Imperial of Fuencaliente.

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