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Bus Story Enters Into El Festivalico

“Bus Story” by Jorge Yúdice is taking part in El Festivalico, 8ª Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes y Videoarte (Caravaca, Murcia, Spain)

The eighth edition of El Festivalico, the short film and experimental film festival of Caravaca (Murcia, Spain), has selected the short film Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice.

Rupestre Goes To El Festivalico

El Festivalico (Caravaca, Murcia, Spain) has selected the short film “Rupestre” by Enrique Diego

El Festivalico, a short film event which takes place in Caravaca (Murcia, Spain), has selected the animation Rupestre, directed by Enrique Diego and produced by Perruncho Studio. For its part, the fiction short film The Cake (La tarta), directed by Fernando Sánchez, is also taking part in the film exhibition tough by their own means.

A Festivalico For Mienin

“Mienin” by David Cordero García at El Festivalico (Murcia, Spain)

El Festivalico, Muestra de Cortometrajes y Videoarte, of Caravaca (Murcia, Spain) has selected the fiction short film Mienin by David Cordero García as one of the finalists that are currently competing.

Memory At El Festivalico

“Memory” by Víctor Suñer is currently competing at El Festivalico 2012 (Spain)

The short film by Víctor Suñer, Memory, has just started its participation in El Festivalico of Caravaca (Murcia, Spain).

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