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“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely FilmsThe fiction short film Liberty Park, directed by Txema Torres, it is going to be promoted at film festivals by [ The House of Films ]. The short, filmed in Los Monegros, a region of badlands in Aragón (Spain), has been produced by Cicely Films.

Liberty Park, the latest short film by Txema Torres, has already entered into the catalogue of films promoted at film festivals by [ The House of Films ]. The short has already begun its promotion in the most relevant film festivals in Spain and around the world.

Liberty Park, directed by Txema Torres and produced by Cicely Films, was filmed last autumn in Los Monegros, an area consisting of badlands and located in the Autonomous Community of Aragón, in northern Spain. The short earned the support of the ICAA (Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, Spanish film body created by the Government of Spain) and of the ICEC (Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, an governmental body established by the Generalitat of Catalonia —Catalan self-govern).

The short, running 15 minutes long, tells the story of Libertad (Liberty, in Spanish) and her two male sons, Pepín and Paquito, concerning the family business in decline.


A long time ago, crowds of people went to Liberty Park to take photos with Liberty. Now, the park is at the end of its days. The family business is going down and Liberty, who founded it, is in a catatonic state. But, now, her sons have a plan...

Poster of the short film “Liberty Park” by Txema Torres

The leading characters in the story Liberty Park are played by actress Judit Farrés in the role of Libertad, Carlos Serrano-Clark who performs the character called Pepín and Francesc Cuéllar who is Paquito in fiction.

Txema Torres, the director

The short Liberty Park has been directed by filmmaker Txema Torres. Txema Torres has worked as screenwriter, director, and producer for Spanish and Catalan filmmakers such as Albert Pla and Isaki Lacuesta.

As screenwriter, Txema Torres has written the documentary films Rêve de Mousse, directed by Elena Molina, and El camino de regreso, directed by Alberto Calvo. He is also the author of the theatre short plays El pulso and Puccini y la ensaladilla. Additionally, he has been the screenplay coordinator of the script of Los telepáticos, a project for a comedy series directed by Isaki Lacuesta and starred by Albert Pla and Ivan Telefunken.

Besides of directing the above-mentioned theatre plays El pulso and Puccini y la ensaladilla, Txema Torres has a long background directing audiovisual works. He has worked as first assistant editor in TV3 (Catalan pubcaster) too and has also worked as director assistant in projects such as Magallanes by Ramon Caus or Foot-ball by Cesc Gelabert & Jordi Morató.

It must be noted that Txema Torres has lots of experience in short films. He has produced several works by filmmaker Jesús Méndez Cestero, Cuando nos conocimos with Spanish well-known actor Amparo Soler Leal and Fernando Guillén, Colores starred by Albert Pla, Alba Ferrara & Guilllermo León, and Silencios with internationally acclaimed actress Marisa Paredes.

Cicely Films

Cicely Films is an audiovisual production company based in Barcelona and founded in 2015. Among several other productions, Cicely Films has produced the documentary feature film Rêve de Mousse by Elena Molina and the fiction short film Liberty Park by Txema Torres.

Teaser of Liberty Park by Txema Torres
“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films
“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films“Liberty Park”, a short film by Txema Torres, produced by Cicely Films


Libertad: Judit Farrés

Pepín: Carlos Serrano-Clark

Paquito: Francesc Cuéllar

Crew & Technical Specs

Director: Txema Torres

Cinematography: Iván Romero

Sound Design: Ander Agudo

Art Direction: Valeria Cardona Marín

Production: Mayca Sanz

Costumes: Alba Costa

Make-Up and Hairdress: Tania Sánchez

Director Assistant: Elena Molina

Production Manager: Eduard Fisa

First Production Assistant: Elena Sánchez

Production Assistant: Ainara Martos

Production Assistant: Mari Martín

Focus Puller: Eduard Collado

Camera Assistant: Pablo Paloma

DIT (Digital Imaging Technician): Juan Hernández

Gaffer: Albert Cantallops

Production Sound Mixer: Amanda Villavieja

Boom Operator: Marta Durruti

Construction Manager and Art Assistant: Daniel Martín Peñafiel

Construction Assistant: Oriol Colomer Collell

Edition: Txema Torres

Image Post-Production: Begoña Ruiz

Sound Post-Production: Ander Agudo

Music Coordinator: Judit Farrés

Titles Design: Oriol Puig Playà

Drawings: Uri Menta & Clàudia Santamaria

Pre-Production Community Manager: Irene Gil

Legal Counsel: Sílvia Andrés

Still Photographer: Eladio Sánchez Agudo

Production Company: Cicely Films

Runtime: 15 minutes

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