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“Bus Story” by Jorge Yúdice is competing at the 19th Festival Inventa Un Film (Lenola, Lazio, Italy)The short film Bus Story, directed by Jorge Yúdice, is competing at the nineteenth edition of the Festival Inventa Un Film of Lenola (Lazio, Italy) since yesterday, 9th August.

Bus Story, the award-winning short directed by Jorge Yúdice, continue its international film festival running. Since yesterday, Wednesday 9th August, this short film is taking part in the 19th Festival Inventa Un Film. This event will be carried out until coming Sunday 13th August in Lenola (Lazio, Italy).

The current nineteenth edition of the Inventa Un Film de Lenola has received 1,512 films coming from 87 countries. Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice was one of the films submitted to the festival tough, in its case, unlike most submitted films, this short won a place in the official competition of the 19th Festival Inventa Un Film.

Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice has been included in the Sezione Autori Stranieri "Lenolafilmfestival". This section has collected 20 international short films. Their titles are:

  • ¿Señor o señorito? by Cristina Piernas & Victoria Ruiz (Spain),
  • A l’arrache by Emmanuelle Nicot (Belgium),
  • Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks (Germany),“Bus Story” by Jorge Yúdice is competing at the 19th Festival Inventa Un Film (Lenola, Lazio, Italy)
  • Bus Story by Jorge Yúdice (Spain),
  • Hilde by Felix Knoche (Austria),
  • Hostal Eden by Gonzaga Manso (Spain),
  • Kalanta by Thanos Psichogios (Greece),
  • Lost Face by Sean Meehan (Canada / Australia),
  • Mary Mother by Sadam Wahidi (Afghanistan),
  • Next by Elena Brodach (Russia),
  • Palabras de caramelo by Juan Antonio Moreno Amador (Spain),
  • Premiere seance by Jonathan Borgel (France),
  • Rabi chetwy by Mohamed Kamel (Egypt),
  • Renovable by Jon Garaño & José Mari Goenaga (Spain),
  • Samedi by Hannibal Mahé (France),
  • The Maltese Fighter by Arev Manoukian (Malta),
  • The Tunnel by Ricardo Yebra (Spain),
  • Vida en Marte by José Manuel Carrasco (Spain),
  • Watu wote by Katja Benrath (Germany), and
  • Written / Unwritten by Adrian Silisteanu (Romania).

The short films selected in this category have been mainly produced in Spain (7). They have also chosen shorts coming from Germany (2), France (2), Afghanistan (1), Austria (1), Belgium (1), Egypt (1), Greece (1), Malta (1), Romania (1), Russia (1), Canada (1 co-production), and Australia (1 co-production).

At the moment of writing this article, the website of this festival is offline and the screenings calendar of the Lenolafilmfestival category has not published yet. However, the festival has communicated that the screenings of the current edition will take place at the Anfiteatro Marino De Filippis and at the head offices of the XXII Comunità Montana.

The festival has also nominated several Italian short films for competing in the national category and several more full-length films.

The 19th Festival Inventa Un Film is held by the Associazione Culturale Cinema e Società di Lenola.

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