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“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero about to be competed at the Kontrast FilmFest (Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany)The Kontrast FilmFest of Bayreuth (Bavaria, Germany) is started yesterday. However, it will be today, Saturday 4th March, when the award-winning short film Ashen (Cenizo), directed by Jon Mikel Caballero, will begin its running at this notable film competition.

One more year, Bayreuth, in the state of Bavaria (Germany), is hosting a new edition of the Festival Kontrast. The Kontrast FilmFest 2017 began its activities yesterday, Friday 3rd March, and it will count on the presence of the short film Ashen (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero.

Precisely, Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero is going to be exhibited today, Saturday 4th March, second day of the Kontrast FilmFest 2017. Ashen is going to be screened during a session starting at 22:00 hours. The screening venue will be the Das Zentrum, regular venue of this film contest.

“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero about to be competed at the Kontrast FilmFest (Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany)If we have add well, Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero is one of the 47 short films nominated for taking part in this year's competition: The selection includes the titles: Zéro M2 by Matthieu Landour (France), Whale Valley by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (Denmark / Iceland), Spark by Boris Seewald (Germany), Golden Shot by Gökalp Gönen (Turkey), Die randgruppe by Julius Grimm (Germany), Risky Game by Stefan Plepp & Christine Kabisch (Germany), The Reinvention of Normal by Liam Saint-Pierre (United Kingdom), Nelly by Chris Raiber (Germany), Dragon Circle by Gertrud Schulte Westenburg (Germany), My Life I Don't Want by Nyan Kyal Say (Myanmar), 112 by Wenceslao Scyzoryk1 (Spain), Made In Spain by Coke Riobóo (Spain), Maman und das meer by David Wagner (Germany), Venice by Venetia Taylor (Australia), Tata by Markus E. Müller (Austria / Serbia), Das u-bahn-zimmer by Rocco und seine Brüde (Germany), Yo no he sido by Ángel Ripalda (Spain), Disco by Boris Seewald (Germany), Emily Must Wait by Christian Wittmoser (Germany), Der block by Nadine Boller (Switzerland / Kyrgyzstan), Hausarrest by Matthias Sahli (Switzerland), Speechless by Robin Póllak (Germany), Les enfants, la colline verte et la mer by Familie Hofmann (Germany), Dubus by Alexei Dmitriev (Russia), Wo warst du by Katja Benrath (Germany), Karmakonto by Lukas Klaschinski (Germany), Bis einer weint by Benjamin Leichtenstern (Germany), Über druck by Sebastian Binder (Germany), Foley Artist by Toni Bestard (Spain), Pink Velvet Valley by Sébastien Petretti (Belgium / United Kingdom / Italy), Me Tube2: August Sings Carmina Burana by Daniel Moshel (Austria), Marvellous Motors by Mark Pressdee (United Kingdom), Die besonderen fähigkeiten des herrn Mahler by Paul Philipp (Germany), Le plombier by Xavier Séron & Méryl Fortunat-Rossi (Belgium), El sueño espacial by Ignacio Malagón (Spain), Schwarzweiss ist keine farbe by Theresa Dichtl, Matthias Heider, Julian Janssen, Julia Schanderl, Franziska Trinkner & Felix Zachmann (Germany), Blight by Brian Deane (Ireland), Selfie From Hell by Erdal Ceylan (Germany), Punchie by Jesko Pingel (Germany), Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero (Spain), False Flag by Asier Urbieta (Spain), Ártún by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (Iceland / Denmark), The Alan Dimension by Jac Clinch (United Kingdom), Añadir contacto by David Oeo (Spain), Kryo by Christoph Heimer (Germany), Die überstellung by Michael Grudsky (Germany), and Terrier by Ozan Mermer (Germany).

By countries of origin, this German festival has chosen films coming from Germany (22), Spain (8), United Kingdom (3 productions and 1 co-production), Austria (1 production and 1 co-production), Belgium (1 production and 1 co-production), Switzerland (1 production and 1 co-production), Australia (1), Denmark (2 co-productions), France (1), Ireland (1), Iceland (2 co-productions), Myanmar (1), Russia (1), Turkey (1), Italy (1 co-production), Kyrgyzstan (1 co-production), and Serbia (1 co-production).

Aside, this year's festival has a selection of short films for children (called Kinderfilm-Programm). It is composed by 14 films.

The Kontrast FilmFest 2017 will be closed tomorrow, Sunday 5th March.

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