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“Duty” (Deber) by Ángel Manzano is competing at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Comedia Funcinema (Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)The short film Duty (Deber), directed by Ángel Manzano, is about to be shown in Mar del Plata (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) because of its nomination for competing at the Funcinema 2016.

Duty (Deber), the fiction short film directed by Ángel Manzano, has earned a new nomination for taking part in an international film festival. Now the short by Ángel Manzano is travelling to Argentina, specifically, to Mar del Plata, in the Province of Buenos Aires, for competing at the III Festival Internacional de Cine de Comedia Funcinema 2016.

This festival, which is launching this year for the first time an international short films competition and thus it has changing its name from Muestra Internacional de Cine de Comedia Funcinema —a non-competitive exhibition film event— to Festival, is opening just today, Thursday 22nd September in Mar del Plata.

According to the calendar announced by the organizers of the current third edition, Duty by Ángel Manzano is going to be screened tomorrow, Friday 23rd September. The Competencia Internacional de Cortos (International Short Film Competition), which is the official name of the category in which Duty is contesting, has scheduled its second session on Friday at 16:30 hours. This screening, as all ones during Funcinema 2016, will take place at the Museo MAR.

“Duty” (Deber) by Ángel Manzano is competing at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Comedia Funcinema (Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)As we explained above, the third Funcinema is launching for the first time the Competencia Internacional de Cortos. The selection committee of this first year has chosen a total of 32 short films. The nominees are: 40 aniversario by J. Enrique Sánchez (Spain), Accidents, Blunders And Calamities by James Cunningham (New Zealand), Action Man: Battlefield Casualties by Price James (United Kingdom), Afrobeats by Will Webb (United Kingdom), Alí Sócrates by Sebastián Pérez Pérez (Uruguay), An Arms Length by Max Weiland (United Kingdom), Ave María by Basil Khalil (Israel / Palestine / Germany), Barry by Jay Rondot (USA), Caring For The Recently Deceased by Henry Davies (United Kingdom), Cuenta atrás by Aitor Elorriaga (Spain), Cuenta con nosotros by Pablo Vara (Spain), Duty by Ángel Manzano (Spain), Espagnol niveau 1 by Guy Dessent (Belgium), Galletas by Ignacio Sepúlveda (Spain), Greener Grass by Paul Briganti (USA), Guy And Doll by Ben Mallaby (United Kingdom), Happy End by Jan Saska. (Czech Republic), How I Didn’t Become A Piano Player by Tommaso Pitta (United Kingdom), La señora Jesusmari by Aitor Arenas (Spain), Lend A Hand For Love by John Thompson (USA), Madam Black by Ivan Barge (New Zealand), More Than God by Kev Cahill (Ireland), Oh Be Joyful by Susan Jacobson (United Kingdom), Opt Out by Steve Utaski (USA), Sleepy Steve by Meghann Artes (USA), Sundae by Sonya Goddy (USA), Takanakuy by Austin Kolodney (USA), Tenemos que hablar by María Eugenia Zambrano (Venezuela), The Chop by Lewis Rose (United Kingdom), The Last Post by Adam Preston (United Kingdom), Twisted by Stuart Bowen (Australia), and Venecia by Venetia Taylor (Australia).

The selection of the first instalment of the new Competencia Internacional de Cortos consists of 9 shorts produced in the United Kingdom, 7 in USA, 6 in Spain, 2 in Australia, 2 in New Zealand, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Ireland, 1 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Uruguay, and 1 in Venezuela, as well as one co-production between Israel, Palestine, and Germany.

Apart from the Official Short Film Competition, the Funcinema of Mar del Plata is exhibiting 6 comedy full-length films this year. The feature films that they are going to showcase are: Café Derby by Lenny Van Wesemael (Belgium), Dirty Beautiful by Tim Bartell (USA), Gala and Godfrey by Kristin Ellingson (USA), Kamikaze by Sebastián Pérez Pérez (Uruguay), Little Gangster by Arne Toonen (Netherlands), and Otros 4 litros by Rodolfo Espinosa (Guatemala).

That is everything about the international section of the Funcinema 2016. But this comedy festival is also going to exhibit 19 Argentinian productions consisting of four full-length films and fifteen national short films. The four Argentinian feature films of the national exhibition are: Alma by Diego Rougier (Chile / Argentina), Hijos nuestros by Juan Fernández Geba & Nicolás Suárez (Argentina), Miss by Robert Bonomo (Argentina), and UPA 2: el regreso by Santiago Giralt, Tamae Garateguy & Camila Toker (Argentina). For their part, Bah! by Damián Yapura (Argentina), Barrancas by Nicolás Schujman (Argentina), Buenas noches, mi amor by María Tomsig (Argentina), Cualquier similitud con la realidad es pura coincidencia by Dolores Montaño (Argentina), El dorado de Ford by Juan Fernández Gebauer (Argentina), El inconveniente by Adriana Yurcovich (Argentina), El otro día pija by Pablo Noriega (Argentina), Error 404 by Mariana Wainstein (Argentina), Fantástico by Tomás Sposato (Argentina), Jorge by Roberto Porta (Argentina), La escapadita by Francisco Alvarez Raineri & Javier Noriega (Argentina), Medusa by César Barrangou (Argentina), Paso by Leandro & Hernán Katz (Argentina), Un solo cabrito by Nicolás Ojeda (Argentina), and Yo me quiero casar by Mariela Usabel (Argentina) have been included in the selection of fifteen Argentinian shorts to be showcased.

Laughings at the current third edition of Funcinema will still continue in Mar del Plata until Sunday 25th September. That day this year's activities will end with a closing gala from 19:00 hours. The winning short films will be screened during this final event.

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