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“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero and “Duty” (Deber) by Ángel Manzano are going to be shown at the Boardwalk Film Festival (Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA)The Boardwalk Film Festival of New Jersey (USA) is on the verge of opening its first edition with the shorts Ashen (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero and Duty (Deber) by Ángel Manzano in the list of selected films.

Asbury Park, a city in the Monmouth County (New Jersey, USA) is about to host the first edition of a new film festival. The First Annual Boardwalk Film Festival is opening tomorrow, Saturday 17th September.

Two of the short films that are going to participate in the first edition of the Boardwalk Film Festival have been submitted by [ The House of Films ]. Ashen (Cenizo), directed by Jon Mikel Caballero, and Duty (Deber), directed by Ángel Manzano, have been selected at this new festival.

The fiction short Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero has been add to the category called "Family-Friendy Films", eleven short films intended for the whole family. Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero (Spain), Bad News Gabe by Jeanpaul Isaacs (USA), The Barnyard Sanctuary by Rebecca Blomgren (USA), The First Smile After by Zahra Jafari (Iran), Geester by Alysia Anderson, Grim Brothers by Trevor Hoar, Landscape by Germán Machí & Roman Aixendri (Spain), Unconventional Love by Dan Ross, Out of This by Keivan Mohseni (Iran), Pete the Pilot by Dontae Carter, and Treasure Map by Fredric Lehne & Jerry Keselman (USA) are the "family-friendly films" of the first edition.

All these shorts, Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballero also, are going to be shown on Sunday 18th September in Asbury Park. The screening is beginning at 12:00 hours and it is going to take place at The Saint.

“Ashen” (Cenizo) by Jon Mikel Caballero is going to be shown at the Boardwalk Film Festival (Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA) “Duty” (Deber) by Ángel Manzano is going to be shown at the Boardwalk Film Festival (Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA)
Ashen by Jon Mikel Caballlero Duty by Ángel Manzano

On the other hand, Duty, the short by Ángel Manzano, has been selected in the "Comedy Shorts" category under the motto "Short Films. Big Laughs." Duty is going to be screened on Sunday 18 too, but later than Ashen. The screening is starting at 18:00 hours and it will be held at The Saint.

The dozen comedies of the "Comedy Shorts" category are: Down In Flames: The True Story of Tony "Volcano" Valenci by William Stribling (USA), Number 2: If I Were Marilyn by J. C. Falcon (Spain), Sincerely, Us by Laura Birek, Prego by Usher Morgan, Auto-Cowrecked by Hannah Leder, Art by Bruno Ramos (Netherlands), Birthday Boy by David Etkin, Duty by Ángel Manzano (Spain), Good Cop, Good Cop by Keagan Karnes, Must Hurry by Chris Cullen (USA), Ok Faces by Andrew Hu, and On the Bench by Iñigo Franco Benito (Spain).

The 1st Boardwalk Film Festival will finish on Sunday 18th after two days of screenings and sessions.

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