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“Believe The Lie” by Javier Longobardo at the Supertoon 2015 (Croatia)Believe The Lie, the music video directed by Javier Longobardo for the band Corbu, is starting its participation at the Supertoon Festival of Croatia today.

The Croatian town of Šibenik, located in Dalmatia, is opening just today, 26th June, a new edition of its animation film festival: the Supertoon 2015. One of the films that are going to compete there is the music video Believe The Lie, directed by Javier Longobardo to illustrate a song composed by music band Corbu.

The animation Believe The Lie by Javier Longobardo has been nominated for the category called "Službena Konkurencija Animiranog Glazbenog Videa / Official Competitions Of Animated Music Video".

This section includes 51 international music videos. These 51 music films have been produced in the United Kingdom (11, including one co-production), United States (6), Spain (5), Poland (5, including one co-production), Belgium (4), Germany (3, including one co-production), Canada (2), France (2), Netherlands (2), Russia (2), Croatia (2, including one co-production), Australia (1), Brazil (1), China (1), Slovakia (1), Philippines (1), Hungary (1), Italy (1), Sweden (1), Ukraine (1), and Slovenia (one co-production).“Believe The Lie” by Javier Longobardo at the Supertoon 2015 (Croatia)

The "Official Competitions Of Animated Music Video" comprises the following titles: A Quarter Past Seven by Queralt Antí Serrano for "Blaumut" (Spain), All I’m Saying by Péter Vácz for "James" (Hungary), Anonymous Club by Celeste Potter for "Courtney Barnett" (Australia), As Luck Would Have It by Daniela Sherer for "Tom Rosenthal" (United Kingdom), Believe The Lie by Javier Longobardo for "Corbu" (Spain), Best Friend by Kijek/Adamski for "We Cut Corners" (Poland), Between Up And Down by Simon Medard for "Yew Featuring Arno" (Belgium), Black by Ivan Zolotukhin for "Naum Bleek" (Russia), Carmen by Sylvain Chomet for "Stromae" (United Kingdom), Chella Ride by Golden Wolf for "Boys Noize" (United Kingdom), Coupe by Chris Carboni for "Future" (USA), Coupe by Tim Fox for "Reso" (United Kingdom), Daydreamer by Tomek Ducki for "Bipolar Sunshine" (Poland), Girl Seizure by Gabe Mangold for "Last Ex" (USA), Heng by Yu-zi Wang for "Wang Yu-Zi" (China), Hiline by Marcos Andavert for "Oscar Delgado" (Spain), Impacts by Dmitry Zakharov for "Max Cooper" (Germany), Ink Town by Peppo Bianchessi for "Caparezza" (Italy), Isolated by Joan Guasch for "Sau Poler" (Spain), Je T’aime Comme Tu Es by Agathe Bray-Bourret for "Daniel Bélanger" (Canada), Knock Knock by Andrii Kovalov for "Brunettes Shoot Blondes" (Ukraine), Loop Jam by Meghan Williams for "Keller Williams" (USA), Mojo Thunder by Kris Merc & Benjy Brooke for "The Peach Kings" (USA), No History by Vuk Jevremovic for "Laibach" (Croatia / Germany / Slovenia), One Day by Leo Uehara for "Juana Molina" (Brazil), Orion by Arthur Merkulov for "Theodor Bastard" (Russia), Paradise Awaits by Tomek Ducki for "Zhu" (Poland / United Kingdom), Peppermint by Noah Harris for "Julio Bashmore" (United Kingdom), Red Tuxedo by Kris Merc for "The Griswolds" (USA), Reservoir by Daniel Brereton for "Metronomy" (United Kingdom), Salt by Carl Bramberg for "Junior Sanchez Vs. Bad Suns" (Sweden), Second Round by Pilar Pascual Cerdán for "Delanada" (Spain), See Me Again by Roman Klochkov for "Michiel Kroese" (Belgium), Sirtaki Sur La Bande D’arrêt D’urgence by Simon Medard for "Frank Shinobi" (Belgium), Sleep On It by Charlie Mars for "Stand High Patrol" (France), Svijet Na Dlanu by Vila Propuh for "Pridjevi" (Croatia), Reptile Smile by Collective:18 adults for "Superlux" (Belgium), Taxi Taxi by Megan Palero for "Kaapin" (Philippines), Tharsis Sleeps by Nicos Livesey for "Throne" (United Kingdom), The Curtains Of Zagra by Martin Pickles for "Mikey Georgeson & The Civilised Scene" (United Kingdom), The Flight by Julia Gajdosova for "Julien Cohen" (Slovakia), The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome by The Brothers Lynch for "Carly Paradis" (Canada), The Nursery Rhyme-S Bar by Marguerite Stephanie for "Rodolphe Cornier" (France), Tourniquet by Jordan Bruner for "Hem" (USA), Train by Tjeerd Broere for "Feaver" (Netherlands), Undercover by Ilinca Höpfner for "Ac Vibes" (Germany), Unicorn by Tomek Ducki for "Basement Jaxx" (Poland), We Can Be Ghosts Now by Tom Jobbins for "Hiatus" (United Kingdom), Last Resistance by Aimée de Jongh for "Wende" (Netherlands), We’ve Been Lovin by Gavin C. Robinson for "Kevin Pearce" (United Kingdom), and Woolf Is Just A Drunk by Agata Włodarczyk for "Neal Cassady & The Fabulous Ensemble" (Poland).

The Supertoon 2015 is ending on 31st July. During these 5 weeks of festival, besides of the 51 animation music videos, people can see in the Official Competition: 29 films for children (in the section Službena Konkurencija Animiranih Filmova Za Djecu), 23 animation shorts (nominated for the category Službena Konkurencija Kratkog Animiranog Filma), and 15 animation commercials (collected in the section Službena Konkurencija Animiranih Reklamnih Filmova). 118 animations are going to be shown during the current edition of the Supertoon in total.

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