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[ The House of Films ] is an distribution company focused on promoting short films, documentaries, and full-length films at film festivals.

We distribute and promote at films festivals your latest short, documentary, or independent full-length film. We work so that your film achieve the maximum impact and catapult your professional career.

If you are looking for film festival distribution and promotion for your short, your documentary, or your full-length film, [ The House of Films ] is your home.

“Alba” by Isak Ferriz was selected at the Festival Inventa Un Film 2013 (Italy)The short film Alba, directed by Isak Ferriz, was participating at the Festival Inventa Un Film, which took place in Lenola (Italy).

The 16th Festival Inventa Un Film (Lenola, Italy) took place between 31st July and 4th August in Lenola, in Lazio (Italy). Among the short films which were competing at this sixteenth edition, Alba, the fiction film directed by Isak Ferriz, had a place.

The motto of this 16th Inventa Un Film (literally, Invent A Film) was "Nel cuore" (In the heart) and, following this motto, the selection committee chose 20 short films. This was a hard work for the members of this committee because 360 short films answer to the call for films this year. In total, the festival received over 950 entries in all categories.

“Alba” by Isak Ferriz was selected at the Festival Inventa Un Film 2013 (Italy)The 20 shorts selected for the current edition, all of them pooled in the category called Sezione Lenola Film festival, were: Alba by Isak Ferriz (Spain), Cerrado, Beyond the mist by Christian Spencer, Marc Egger & Gibby Zobel (Brazil), Come what may by Maxime Feyers & Mathieu Bergeron (Belgium), Eat by Moritz Kramer (Germany), El secreto del circo by Leyla Daruis Luis (Spain), First steps by Grégory Lecocq (France), Kunduz by Stefan Gieren, Simona Gieren (Germany), In a heartbeat by Karolina Lewicka (Iceland), La boda by Marina Seresesky (Spain), La vida inesperada by Gaizka Urresti (Spain), Libre directo by Bernabé Rico (Spain), Liquidation by Matthias Zuder (Germany), Ojos que no duermen by Leonardo Santana (Spain), Posturas by Álvaro Oliva (Spain), Runner by Carolina Hellsgard (Germany / Sweden), Stefi likes this by Philipp Scholz (Germany), Tateh by Yani Linton (Israel), The Swimming Trunks by Mathilde Bayle (France), Voice over by Martín Rosete (Spain), and Zabawka by Piotr Iskra (Poland).

At the end of this festival, the winners of the 2013 edition were the shorts First steps by Gregory Lecocq, which won the Primo Premio (First Prize), Voice over by Martín Rosete, which received the Secondo Premio (Second Prize), and Posturas by Álvaro Oliva, which acheived the Terzo Premio (Third Prize). The Premio del Pubblico (Audience Award) went to Voice over by Martín Rosete.

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