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“Rupestre” by Enrique Diego goes to the XXIII Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych Publicystyka 2016 (Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Opole, Poland)Rupestre, the short film directed by Enrique Diego and produced by Perruncho Studio, is travelling to Poland this week-end for taking part in the Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych Publicystyka.

76 films are going to participate at the XXIII Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych Publicystyka 2016 (named in English, International Independent Film Festival Publicystyka 2016). One of these films is the short animation Rupestre, which has been directed by Enrique Diego and has been produced by Perruncho Studio.

This film festival is going to be held today, Friday 21st October, and tomorrow Saturday 22nd in the city of Kędzierzyn-Koźle, belonging to the Voivodeship of Opole. One of the special moments of the current twenty-third edition will be the screening of Rupestre by Enrique Diego. This animation short is going to be screened just today, Friday 21st, from 19:00 hours. The venue for this screening will be the Kino Chemik, located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

“Rupestre” by Enrique Diego goes to the XXIII Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych Publicystyka 2016 (Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Opole, Poland)The Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych "Publicystyka" 2016 has received 335 films coming from 51 countries. At the end of the submission period, the festival has selected 76 finalists. These shorts are: Higher Values by Dinesh Talekar (India), Suddenly Our Life Changed by Aleksey Balashov (Ukraine), While Working by Stela Papastefanou (Greece), Kino Kabaret by Michał Stenzel (Poland), Land Of Water by David Bottome (Venezuela), Musawat by Darwin Canas (Venezuela), Cintema by Manuel Guzmán Kizer (Venezuela), Orange by Juan Salas (Venezuela), Lifter by Fedor Selkin (Russia), Cirilo by Rubén Sainz (Spain), Kindred Spirits by Alex Maximov (Belarus), The Paintings by Baran M. Reiahni (Iran), Dawno temu na Śląsku by Tomasz Protokowicz (Poland), Obok by Paulina Koniuk-Fonżychowska (Poland), Słowa by Michał Damaszewski (Poland), Bociek i Miłosz by Andrzej Szapiński-Wisła (Poland), Ukryta Sztuka ulicy Powązkowskiej by Paweł Son Ngo (Poland), Projekt Ukrainka by Żana Wróblewska & Paweł Son Ngo (Poland), People Like Me by Sharon Woodward (United Kingdom), The Edge by Alexandra Averyanova (Russia), Romek by Tymoteusz Staniek (Poland), Very Long Play Vinyl by Vladimir Morozov (Russia), Praska 24 by Patrycja Polkowska (Poland), Misteria Dzieciństwa by VV. AA. (Poland), Dieter niebieski by Wojciech Szwiec (Poland), Consume pedagogie by Tobias Rothacker (Germany), Włosy by Ewa & Paweł Piątek (Poland), Black Or White by Zakarya Oukazi (Algeria), Exodus by Sergio Postigo Cruz (Spain), Vicenta by Carla Valencia (Chile), Rudna by Maria Omaf (Poland), Baszta Montalemberta by Jędrzej Derouiche (Poland), Wspomnienie- KrzysztofKlenczon w anegdocie by Kazimierz J. Bihun (Poland), Koks, para i gitara by Marta Wieczorek (Poland), Stowarzyszenie by Filip Lisowski (Poland), Dyab by Mazin M. Sherabayani (Iraq), The Dance Of The Infants by Jokin Pascual & Javier Dampierre (Spain), The Princess Strikes Back by Dave Lojek & Keeley Knight (United Kingdom), 9546 km by Sergio García Locatelli (Peru / Spain), Bread of Life by Sergio García Locatelli (Spain), 82 Years by Néstor López (Spain), A Look by Arturo Sánchez (Spain), The Scape by Douglas Alves Ferreira (Brazil), First World Problems by Hanna Maylett (Finland), Bellanca by Víctor Nores (Spain), Well Done by Riccardo Di Gerlando (Italy), Where You Wil Never Die by Héctor Alexis Estrada García (Spain), Mohamed, The First Name by Zairi Malika (France), The Contact by Francisco Javier Montoro Morales (Spain), Lobolo by Francisco Javier Montoro Morales (Spain), Ali The World Is A Stage by Hannes Rali (United Kingdom), Call Of Beauty by Brenda Lien (Germany), Chika, The Dog In The Ghetto by Sandra Schiesl (Germany), Djibril by Kamil Bembnista (Germany), E Is For Evolution by Paul Kusmaul (Germany), Keeping Balance by Bernhard Wenger (Austria), Karmaaccount by Lukas Klaschinski (Germany), Las Gitanas by Matthew Anderson (United Kingdom), Letter To God by Ibrahimova Maria (Azerbaijan / Russia), Zero-G by Jannis Lenz (Austria), Speechless by Robin Polak (Germany), The Alan Dimension by Jac Clinch (United Kingdom), The Culprit by Michael Rittmannsberger (Germany), Time To Die, Motherfuckers by Annika Sehn & Jonas Spriestersbach (Canada / Germany), The Block by Boller Nadine (Kyrgyzstan / Switzerland), Une passion d'or et feu by Sebastien Pins (Belgium), Cease Game by Walter Tournier (Uruguay), My Life I Don't Want by Nyan Kyal Say (Myanmar), Rupestre by Enrique Diego (Spain), The Postmodem Pioneer Plaque by Boris Kozlov (Spain), Clitorissima by Sara Koppel (Denmark / Germany / Italy), The Peacock by Wenqian Gao (China), A Place by Iván Fernández de Córdoba (Spain), O czym szumią knieje by Mateusz Sylwant (Poland), Życiorys by Mariola Syldakt & Julian Zawisza (Poland), and Sheroes by Carlos Caro (India / Spain).

The selection of the current year 2016 is mostly composed by 19 films made in Poland (the host country of the Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Niezależnych Publicystyka), 13 in Spain (plus two co-productions), 8 in Germany (plus dos co-productions), 5 in United Kingdom, 4 in Venezuela, 3 in Russia (plus one co-production), and 2 in Austria. There are also shorts coming from Italy (1 plus one co-production), India (1 plus one co-production), Algeria (1), Belgium (1), Belarus (1), Myanmar (1), Brazil (1), Chile (1), China (1), Finland (1), France (1), Greece (1), Iran (1), Iraq (1), Ukraine (1), Uruguay (1), Azerbaijan (one co-production), Canada (one co-production), Denmark (one co-production), Kyrgyzstan (one co-production), Switzerland (one co-production), and Peru (one co-production).

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