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“Rupestre” by Enrique Diego is going to compete at the 3. Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma (Serbia)The animation short Rupestre, directed by Enrique Diego, has entered into one more film festival and it is going to compete at the Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma of Serbia from tomorrow, Saturday 19th September.

The 3. Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma or 3rd International Short Film Festival "Short form" is about to begin in the town of Gornji Milanovac (Moravica District , Serbia). As a result, the short film Rupestre, directed by Enrique Diego, is going to compete at this international short film festival on Saturday 19th September.

The screening of the animation Rupestre by Enrique Diego is scheduled on Tuesday 22nd September at 18:00 hours at the Sala Gimnazije Takovski Ustanak of Gornji Milanovac.

This year the third edition of the Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma has nominated a total of 206 films coming from 42 countries, one of them, Rupestre by Enrique Diego with production by Perruncho Studio. Specifically, Rupestre by Enrique Diego is one of the 87 international short films that are fighting in the "Kratki Film" (literally, short film) section of the Official Competition.

“Rupestre” by Enrique Diego is going to compete at the 3. Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma (Serbia)The 87 "Kratki Film" that are competing in the 2015 edition are: ...---... by Hugo Magro (Portugal), 5 Ways 2 Die by Diana Papadaki (Cyprus), 8.9 by Gobelins (France), 9546 km (My World) by Sergio García Locateli (Peru / Spain), A Men Without by Jean Luc Slock (Belgium), A Word For Raul by Mauro Mueller (Mexico), Anomalus by Aitor Gutiérrez (Spain), At Seven O'Cloth by Ezio Azzollini & Lucia Perrucci (Italy), Bakica hoće kući by Bojana Starčević (Serbia), Between Sky and Sea by Haakon Anton Olavsen (Norway), Big Willow by Jared Katsiane (USA), Bla by Zagreb Film (Croatia), Circle of Life by Kiril Kravchenko (Russia), Crtani by Dušan Babić (Serbia), Desintegration by Álvaro Martín (Spain), Don Miguel by Kote Camacho (Spain), Esencija by Jelena Masnikosić (Serbia), Padre by Santiago Grasso (Argentina), Femoral Neck Might Be Serioius by Sergey Dakhin (Russia), Ferdinand Kanpp by Andrea Baldini (France), Final Cut by Janno Jurgens (Estonia / Poland), Flash by Alberto Ruiz Rojo (Spain), For Her I Get Married by Albert Arcas Pons (Spain), Four Degree Water by Gabriel Studerus (Switzerland), Cuatro postales a Marta by Hernán Talavera (Spain), Go Dan Go! by Mari Sanders (Netherlands), Grown Ups by Javier Marco (Spain), Hard Time by Krebs Hugues Willz (France), Helium by Andrés Campos (Argentina / Costa Rica), Hibernation by Tomer Werechson (Israel), Humanexus by Ying-Fang Shen (USA), I Love Hooligans by Jan-Dirk Bouw (Belgium), If I Had It My Way I Would Never Leave by Marko Grba Singh (Serbia), If They Had Eyes by Carlos Polo (Spain), Joint Custody by Patrick Parenteau (Canada), Kintsugi by Apotropia (Italy), Kišobran by Nikola Stojanović (Serbia), Koža će nam postati siva by Ivan Bakrač (Serbia), La otra cena by Albert Blanch Serrat (Spain), Land by Mashanobu Hiraoka (Japan), Listen by Rungano Nyoni (Denmark / Finland), Lovearthecam by Aitor Marín Correcher (Spain), Mamci i udice by Luka Popadić (Serbia), Mamps by Diego Pazo (Spain), Mehaničko srce by Zagreb Film (Croatia), Mille and Jerry by Nunzio Fazio (USA), Neko od nas by Anja Kavić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Nis frahm:re by Balazs Simon (Hungary), Nothing Else But Water by Carlos de Carvalho (France), On the Edge by Roy Zafrani (Israel), On the Shore by Stefano Toni (Brazil / Uruguay), On the Water by Goran Ribarić (Croatia), Phoney War by Simon Panay (France), Prose of the Trans-Siberian by David Epiney (Switzerland), Requiem by Muye Wen (China), Rock, Paper, Scissors by Philipp Dettermer (Germany), Rupestre by Enrique Diego (Spain), Ruprecht by Yongzom Brauen (USA), Sailor's Grave by Vuk Jevremović, Carlos Santa, Cecilia Translavina, Juan Camilo González, José Belmonte, Isabel Herguera, Wang Liming, Cheng Kemei, Richard Reeves & Koldo Almandoz (Spain), Sawakuy urubamba by Francisco Javier Montoro Morales (Peru), Shades of Grey by Alexandra Averyanova (Russia), Shame and Glasses by Alessandro Riconda (Italy), Silences by Jesús Méndez (Spain), Steel Nameplate by Zanyar Azizi (Iran), Stend Down Tragedy by Hadži Aleksandar Đurović (Serbia), Strings by Pedro Solís García (Spain), Swimmer by Dani de la Orden (Spain), Sync by Mari Sanders (Netherlands), Teresa by Lilih Curri (Brazil / Cuba), The Choreographer by Yves Dalbiez (France), The Dirty Birdy Redux by John R. Dilworth (USA), The Dive by Delphine Le Courtios (France), The Elevator by Doolaeghe Agnes (France), The First Step by Vanessa Clement (France), The Gift by Cecilia Baeriswyl (Chile), The Little Cousteau by Jakub Kouril (Czech Republic), The Present by Jacob Frey (Germany), The Runner by Peter Cerovsek (Slovenia), The Tale of the Day by Ying-Fang Shen (USA), The Wireless Trio by Lanteri Jean-Marc (France), Traces by Jorge Orozco Watson (Mexico), Valentina by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera (Spain), We Are Friends by Carlos Solano (Spain), We Can't Live Without Cosmos by Konstatntin Bronzit (Russia), Yakamin Chirok (Iran), You Will Scream by Filip Martinović (Serbia), and Zebra by Félix Fernández de Castro (Spain).

Taking into account the production country of the shorts competing in this category, most works have been filmed in Spain (19 Spanish productions, including the animation short Rupestre by Enrique Diego, and one co-production with Peru). It is followed by: France (10), Serbia (9), USA (6), Russia (4), Croatia (3), Italy (3), Germany (2), Belgium (2), Netherlands (2), Iran (2), Israel (2), Mexico (2), Switzerland (2), Argentina (1 national production and 1 co-production), Peru (1 national production and 1 co-production), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Canada (1), Chile (1), China (1), Cyprus (1), Slovenia (1), Hungary (1), Japan (1), Norway (1), Portugal (1), Czech Republic (1), and Brazil (2 co-productions). There are also taking part in this category with just one co-production: Costa Rica, Cuba, Uruguay, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Poland.

The festival also has one competition called "Mikro Film" (with 20 less-than-one-minute micro-short contesting there) and one competition with the name "Mini Film" (with 18 mini-short films from one to three minutes long). There are 82 films done by youngsters and children competing in the "Festivalsko Stvaralaštvo Dece i Omladine" section too.

The 3. Međunarodni Festival Kratkog Filma Kratka Forma will be closed on 27th September. This film competition will be back in the year 2017 since it is a two-year event.

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