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International Festival Promotion

International Festival Promotion

Just for € 110.17 a month

Have you promoted your short, feature, or documentary film at festivals in Spain and now you like to do it in the rest of the world? This International Film Festival Promotion Solution is perfect for you. You can promote your film at worldwide international film festivals, but not in Spain.

Do you think that your short or documentary film would not run well in Spain? This Solution is also for you. Attend straight to international film festivals. Show your work to those who are going to love it.

Just for € 110.17 a month and lots of film festivals around the world will show your film.

DVD Copies for Festivals

And just for additional € 21.19 a month, all necessary copies for promoting your short, feature, or documentary film at festivals.

Forget the nuisance of burning hundreds of DVD copies of your film. Let us do that job for you while you are busy on your next film project.

Prices do not include neither VAT nor other consumption taxes.
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