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All Around The World Festival Promotion

All Around The World Festival Promotion

Just for € 144.07 a month

If you want to see your short, your documentary, or your feature film promoted and screened all over the world, this Promotion Solution will be for you. For € 144.07 a month you are going to enter in the world's most relevant film festivals. Could you imagine more impact for your work?

This Festival Solution combines a bunch of the most interesting worldwide festivals for your film according to its length, genre, format, and so on. Thanks to this Solution you can balance national and international film festival runnings for your work.

DVD Copies for Festivals

And just for additional € 21.19 a month, all necessary copies for promoting your short, feature, or documentary film at festivals.

Forget the nuisance of burning hundreds of DVD copies of your film. Let us do that job for you while you are busy on your next film project.

Prices do not include neither VAT nor other consumption taxes.
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