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07·02·2012 - 29·05·2012

The short films I Hate You (Te odio) by Rafa Rojas-Díez, Bonsai by Óscar Martín, Ceramics Swan by David Galán Galindo, Memory by Víctor Suñer, The Fright (El espanto) by J. J. Marcos, and The Setback (El revés) by Gonzalo Perdomo are currently competing at the 1st Festival de Cortos de Sobaquillo (Valencia, Spain).

The Festival de Cortos de Sobaquillo (Valencia, Spain) continues its activities during May with the exhibition of two short films promoted at film festivals by [ The House of Films ]: the short film 8 by Raúl Cerezo and the short film The Descent (El descenso) by Daniel Romero. Additionally, they are going to screen again two shorts as finalists: The Fright (El espanto) by J. J. Marcos and Memory by Víctor Suñer.

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